KAIT Community First Responder training

We were very excited to train the staff of KAIT in lifesaving techniques with our Community First Responder program!  Journalists and news crews are frequently among the first on the scene.  It's comforting to know that now they can assist until a professional First Responder arrives.  

The KAIT crew learned the how to stop bleeding with tourniquets, direct pressure, and wound packing.  They also learned how to assist First Responders in a larger accident, natural disaster, or mass casualty event.  


Jonesboro Sun donation

The Jonesboro Sun recently published a special section highlighting the efforts of the Jonesboro Police, Jonesboro Fire, and Craighead County Sheriff Departments.  A number of sponsors donated to this cause.  The Sun is donating $1700 from this for the purchase of IFAKs and training for these First Responders!!  Thank you to the Sun and to all of the sponsors for helping us save lives in your community!!


Great training day with members of Jonesboro Police, Jonesboro Fire, and EMS!!  IFAKs were issued to everyone that completed an eight-hour Law Enforcement and First Responder (LEFR) course based on the principles of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC).  

Our first donation!

A very generous donation of $4000 was received on Tuesday March 29th from the Jonesboro Rotary Club.  This will be used to supply 42 Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters with a lifesaving Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).